Air Duct Cleaning Yorkton

All main duct are air Scrubbed with NADCA Certified tool called a predictor air whip to assure the best possible clean, all registers are removed wiped or even washed if need be and all lead off coming from main ducting has special NADCA Approved Tool go through then to assure the best possible clean.

What Kinds of Dust we find:

Dead human Skin, pet dander, lint, dust mites, bacteria, pollen, moose & rodent dropping, dead mice, insects, spiders. not good to breath but very bad for people with ashram and allergies

There many different types of Ducting, From Metal to Wooden type, some are insulated to help for noise when main blower fan is running, there Ducting that are round & Square, some are even called progressive ducting for when they run for long distances, they start large and get small to give more volume of air out the registers.

On most systems there is Supply Main ducting that heat in winter blows out of and in summer cool air blows out of, there is also the return main ducting that brings the air to the furnace and Air Conditioning system, where it is heated or cooled to send up the supply main ducting when we clean the system both supply and return main ducting is scrubbed out.
the Registers or also known as vents and piping are cleaned to assure complete system is cleaned.

For Commercial Duct Cleaning we have a Robotic tool that we drive inside the ducting to insure all the ducting is cleaned on the very large ducting, we are able to drive and watch off screen to get the best job possible.