Furnace & Duct Cleaning ​

We Do a Complete Clean & Service of Natural Gas,Propane,oil, electric,& geo thermo furnace. From the high Efficient to Mid Efficient and even the old-style furnaces.

For all the different furnace, they all have a main blower fan & we take them out of the furnace and pressure clean to insure the fan is blowing the heat in winter and the cool air in the summer to the maximum CFM (Cubic feet of Air Per Minute) as possible. Increasing the air increases the Efficiency as much as 33 to 47% saving the customer money on their heating and cool bills.
High Efficient Furnaces have heating coil and as they get dirty they restrict the air that goes through them, by us taking the main blow fan out we can get to them coils and clean making then more efficient and less chance of the furnace shutting down in the winter.

Electric Furnaces have heating coil packs and as they get dust and crap on coils they use more electricity removing fan cleaning and able to get to coils and clean them means more efficient furnace and less chance of being shut down in the winter.

Oil Furnace: Removed and cleaned same thing but we clean the fire pot to make more efficient and less chance of shutting down.

Gas & Propane the same furnaces just different pressure of the gas and need different Orifices size. both have High, Mid, & older style furnaces, main one is the high now and cleaning coil i will send pictures and sign also have computer or mother board with lots of sensors and we clean so less chance of shut down in the winter.

Geo Thermo Uses Glycol that is pumped underground and is heated or cooled and goes through a big coil or Rad and the blower blows the heat or cool air from there they also have back up coils like the electric furnace and we clean the fan and coil or rad to make more efficient and less chance of shutting down in the winter.

If homes have Central air Conditioning the are above the furnaces in most case and we clean and service them as well.